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Additional Helpful Links

animalclinictn.com –Animal Clinic

Americanhumane.org - The American Humane Association (AHA)

ASPCA.org - The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

avidid.com – Avid MicroChip

fidofinder.com - Find your lost dog service. Registering lost/found/safe dogs is 100% free. They also sell Fido Finder dog tags, but the basic functionality of the site is free and always has been.

HSUS.org - The Humane Society of the United States

knoxvillepetemergency.com –Knoxville Pet Emergency Hospital

lovingcarekennels.net –Loving Care Kennels

mountainhomeveterinary.com – Mountain Home Vet Hospital

parkwaysevierville.com –Parkway Animal Hospital

seviercountyanimalclinic.com - Sevier County Animal Clinic

facebook.smokymountainanimalclinic/ - Smoky Mountain Animal Clinic

tricountyvetsevier.com – Tri County Vet

vetmed.tennessee.edu  UT Veterinary Medical Center